New year, new start, new furniture.

17 Apr 2018  |  by Toni Fitch

For many of you, the new year means a fresh start and the opportunity to update your facility and get some new furniture. With this in mind, we would like to invite you and your team to come and visit our showroom to experience our furniture, putting yourself in your user’s shoes. By immersing yourself you will be able to touch the fabrics, feel the comfort and get a sense of how each piece of furniture will positively enhance your environment.

Our showroom includes a vast selection of furniture, from fitted furniture to soft seating and recliners. The newest addition is our extra-challenging zone where you can experience our safest and most robust furniture suitable for environments that see the most demanding behaviours.

We also have our new Fabric Mood Boards which have received great feedback so far with helping our customers choose the right colour, finish, texture and pattern fabric for each room in their project. We have 8 different mood boards which an assortment of A and B range fabrics (our most cost-effective) is a selection of complementary colours and finishes.

Those of you visiting our Kent showroom can arrange a post-showroom project meeting in our boardroom where you can discuss your needs and thoughts on the furniture you have seen – where we can also provide food and drink for you and your colleagues. By having this discussion at Pineapple any questions raised can be immediately answered, making your decision-making process simpler.

Book your 2018 showroom visit here today.

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