What are our levels of reinforcement?

09 Sep 2020  |  by Pineapple Contracts

Our sofa ranges come in a variety of shapes, sizes and fabric choices but it is their reinforcement that really sets them apart. All products are strength tested for severe non-domestic use, and many have additional reinforcement, anti-concealment features and anti-tamper fixings to make them suitable for challenging environments.

Reinforcement is made beneath the surface to the framework of the furniture, ensuring the aesthetics of the product are not impacted. Our products are constructed with a robust hardwood frame with optional secure plywood panels added to increase strength and remove concealment opportunities.

What reinforcement level is suitable for you?


Every environment has different needs and requires varying levels of reinforcement which, with specialist help and risk assessments, can be incorporated to overcome possible issues of safety or security and ensure each customer is matched with the furniture best suited to their needs.

Additional reinforcement options make our sofa ranges as strong as they need to be, as well as adding weight to deter misuse. Our reinforcement levels are structured from level 1-4; level 1 being for lower risk areas and level 4 being ideal for extremely challenging environments with additional security concerns.


Level 01 – Perfect for low risk areas

  • webbed back
  • cloth underside
  • comfortable sprung seat


Level 02 – Enhanced durability for lower risk spaces

  • webbed back
  • cloth underside
  • reinforced seat adds strength and durability


Level 03 – Fully reinforced for higher risk areas

  • Reinforced back adds strength and durability
  • Cloth underside
  • Reinforced seat adds strength and durability


Level 04 – Ideal for extremely challenging environments

  • Reinforced back adds strength and durability
  • Reinforced underside adds strength and reduces concealment opportunities
  • Reinforced seat adds strength and durability


As well as strong and durable reinforcement, our products are available with a range of additional safety features:

  • No visible staples to reduce self-harm risks
  • Security fixings to prevent tampering
  • Additional weighting to prevent throwing/weaponisation
  • Zero-depth seams to prevent concealment of contraband
  • Over-sewn zips to prevent tampering
  • Locks to doors/drawers to allow for authorised access only


Our latest video on the Magna range, takes us through the varying levels of reinforcement, you can watch this video and more by clicking here.


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