HMP Brixton

“Pineapple helped us get the balance between decency and security just right…It’s been incredible watching children’s faces light up when they walk into the hall filled with so many bright colours.”

Dating back to the 1800s, Brixton Prison has served a variety of functions over the years, but is now a resettlement prison which prepares category C prisoners for their release. Resettlement prisons aim to reduce the likelihood of re-offending by diminishing feelings of institutionalisation and provide opportunities for prisoners to demonstrate personal responsibility and independence.

In accordance with these aims, the client wanted to create an environment which was less austere than traditional prison settings while preserving the same high levels of safety and security for prisoners, staff and visitors.

In the visits hall, Ryno chairs and coffee tables have been used to create a vibrant colour scheme for visiting families. With a lower risk of disturbance in this prison, the products have been weighted 25kg to make them easier to rearrange, which in turn makes the space more flexible.

Brightly coloured Contessa foam shapes help to create a fun and safe environment which can support the strengthening of family ties – a key element in preparing for resettlement.

In the Induction Wing, more Ryno chairs are paired with contemporary Cumulus dining tables to create a striking visual impact. Both products are weighted to deter misuse and built to last in demanding environments.

Elsewhere in the prison, Ohio chairs provide banks of seating in the Visitor Waiting area, and Ryno chairs are used in Reception areas.

custodial furniture hmp brixton case study
custodial furniture hmp brixton case study
custodial furniture hmp brixton case study
custodial furniture hmp brixton case study


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