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JAK de-escalation couch

Designed in conjunction with physical intervention specialists


Ellern Mede NG Feeding Couch

Designed in association with Andy Johnston Associates and Ellern Mede for specialised feeding clinics


Zen Plus chair range

Perfect for creating areas of calm, relaxation and rest


Ryno® tub chair

The latest addition to our award-winning Ryno range


Rubus reinforced sofas

A fully reinforced range that includes a chair, 2-seater and 3-seater sofa


Snug Plus modular seating

Reinforced and weighted seating that provides flexible modular seating layouts


Skye Plus tub chairs

Stylish and fully reinforced tub chair and 2-seater sofa


Liberty sofas

Innovative and easy to clean chair, 2-seater and 3-seater sofas for the most demanding environments


Reef sofa

Specifically designed to assist with de-escalation practices

Domus Plus tub chairs

An innovative combination of immense strength and outstanding styling


Magna reinforced sofas

A reinforced seating range with fixed cushions making it easy to clean and check for contraband stashing


Magna zero-depth seams sofas

For environments that want to minimise stashing opportunities


Akessen sofas

Soft seating range includes a chair, 2-seater and 3-seater. Different reinforcement levels are available to make this range as strong as you need it to be.


Akessen reinforced sofas

Reinforced for extreme strength - can withstand the most challenging behaviours


Harrier sofas

A classic scroll-arm seating range with reinforced options which makes this range as stroll as you need it to be


Harrier reinforced sofas

A classic scroll-arm seating range which is fully reinforced to withstand challenging behaviour