HMP Oakwood

One of the things that prison staff and residents always struggled with was ensuring adequate privacy for families to have meaningful conversations.

Prison visits are an important way of maintaining and strengthening social relationships, which studies have linked to reduced reoffending. At the start of the Coronavirus pandemic, face-to-face social visits in prisons were stopped to reduce the risk to the prison population.

Secure video conferencing software was quickly developed, prompting a need for quiet, private spaces for virtual visits to take place in. Our Acoustic Pods were a perfect match.

HMP Oakwood’s Family Intervention team detailed the importance of our acoustic pods.

“One of the most amazing moments was when an elderly gentleman in our care was able to video call his daughter who emigrated to Australia and hadn’t seen her face in 4 years. It was extremely moving to be able to give this gentleman a call to see his daughter during Christmas week.

When he came out he thanked the staff and had tears in his eyes. He said how grateful he was to be able to see her and was at peace that he got to see her before anything had happened to him due to being high risk.

The availability of Purple Visits has been a lifeline to some of our prisoners and their families. We have several men whose family and friends live too far away from the prison to travel and see their loved ones so having the opportunity to be able to not only hear their voice but visually see them as well has helped put their minds at rest and keep their family ties stronger.

The importance of communication, especially with family or loved ones, in this environment is paramount and can prevent issues or situations from arising.”

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