Lancaster University

Snug Modular Seating Snug Modular Seating
Smile Chairs and Lotus Tables Smile Chairs and Lotus Tables
Contessa Foam Shapes and Cumulus Tables Contessa Foam Shapes and Cumulus Tables

Lancaster University

I’ve had some very positive comments from the Accommodation Team and the areas certainly look a lot better…

(University Representative)

Pineapple worked extensively with jmarchitects to come up with a scheme for Lancaster University that was strong, durable and yet also stylish and comfortable.

Following collaborations over design options, schedules and mood boards throughout this project, our sumptuous Snug modular seating and Smile chairs were chosen for the soft seating areas. Our Cumulus tables and lightweight yet supportive, Contessa foam shapes were chosen for the study and dining areas.

The use of modular seating encourages social interaction and allows the students to choose how the environment works for them. The Smile chairs provide comfortable personal space, allowing the students to have an area of privacy within an otherwise social space.