Infection Control

Children and adults with severe learning disabilities often experience continence problems, caused either by physical or developmental reasons. As well as requiring sensitive nursing care, incontinence can also put additional demands upon furniture.


For seating, water-resistant vinyl upholstery can provide some protection, but fluid can seep through stitch-lines, soaking the cushion filling. Once this happens, it is very difficult to effectively clean and dry the foam, and in the meantime the piece of furniture may be unusable.

Advances in material technology means that soft seating can be manufactured without stitch-lines or cushion gaps. Our Seal range features a soft foam core which is enveloped by a 100% water-resistant outer coating. Any fluids can be wiped clean without soaking into the foam, and the product quickly dries, ready to be used again.

Eliminating dirt traps

Our Liberty range is designed with removable seat and back cushions which allows for safe inspection and thorough cleaning, in areas which are usually inaccessible. Seat and back cushions are then securely locked in back in place with a key ready for use.

hygiene gap

Even with water-resistant upholstery, traditional sofas and chairs with seat and back cushions can be very difficult to clean thoroughly due to gaps and voids between surfaces. This risk is reduced in chairs like Vee and Cadrega range which feature a “sacral” gap between the back and seat, allowing fluids to run off the seat and onto the floor rather than becoming trapped within the chair.

bedroom furniture

Beds are another piece of furniture at risk from damage, commonly being made from either solid wood or wood composites like medium density fibreboard (MDF) or melamine faced chipboard (MFC). Fluids are readily absorbed by these porous materials, causing swelling and in some cases irreparable structural damage.

For the most demanding environments, our Ryno range has been designed for maximum durability. The Ryno bed is made from a single piece of rotationally moulded plastic which means there are no joints through which fluid can penetrate.

Long term protection

Our Sovie range is coated in a durable thermoplastic to provide long term protection. Rather than being made from separate component which are joined together, the mattress tray is made from a single piece of machined MDF which is enveloped in a strong moulded thermoplastic, making it totally water resistant.


Ryno® products are manufactured from a unique polyethylene compound developed to create safe, durable products. The addition of Silver Oxide inhibits bacterial growth, preserving high levels of hygiene and infection control throughout all Ryno products.

Products designed to aid infection control practices

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