Introducing our Ryno® OceanGreen range

We are committed to reducing our impact on the environment, as demonstrated by our target to reduce carbon emissions associated with the manufacturing of our products by 70% by 2030.

Key to achieving this target will be continuing to increase our use of recycled materials. By doing so, we can further reduce emissions associated with the extraction and processing of virgin material.

Products in our OceanGreen Ryno range include 50% recycled content derived from fishing nets and equipment.

When the nets are no longer required, they are collected and turned into recycled polymer granules. This recycling process prevents the nets reaching our oceans and harming sealife, and reduces the carbon footprint of Oceangreen product.

By using recycled materials to manufacture recyclable products, we’re creating a sustainable supply chain.

1. The nets are collected, prevent them from reaching our oceans.

2. The nets are washed, dried & shredded into fine strands.

3. Strands are mixed with 50% virgin polymer & extruded into granules.

4. OceanGreen products require 23% less energy to manufacture.

Our Ryno range is 100% recyclable.

Colour variation

Please be aware that due to the composite nature of the OceanGreen material, there can be a colour variation between products.

Award-winning sustainable design

Our Ryno® OceanGreen dining chair has recently won the German Design Awards 2024 in the ‘Excellent Product Design – Mental, Rehabilitation and Health Care’ category.

Explore our Ryno® OceanGreen range here.


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