Make a bold monochromatic statement with our latest Ryno® colours.

The connection between colour & emotions

The use of colours can have a significant impact on our emotions, mood and behaviour. Creating carefully curated spaces with colours denoting specific meanings is a common practice in interior design and environmental psychology.

In Hospitals, Mental Health units and other challenging environments, calming colours like Dusty Blue and Dusty Pink can help reduce stress and anxiety among service users by evoking a sense of quiet and peacefulness.

Warm Terracotta is a rich, earthy tone that adds a grounding warmth to any space and can add a comforting home-like element. Making it a thoughtfully considered option for bedroom spaces.

Other important spaces such as Sensory Rooms, are designed to stimulate or calm the senses for individuals with sensory processing concerns such as Autism. Soft, muted colours may be used to create a calming effect, while brighter colours could be chosen for sensory stimulation. Teal can be a rich, energising colour and can add a pop of brightness to any space. Violet Purple is associated with mindfulness and can be used to help reduce anxiety and worry.

Colour can also be used as a universal indicator for accessibility and wayfinding within building spaces. Particularly in healthcare environments where each area has been allocated for specific needs; colour coding can make it easier to distinguish areas of the building for its service users, staff and visitors.

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