Social Responsibility

We are growing an environmentally conscious workforce by engaging in volunteer days, hosting in-office activities and conducting workshops to embed sustainability practices in everything we do.

Planting a tree for every new starter at Pineapple

We are always looking for ways we can give back to the environment, reduce our carbon footprint and help provide resources for future generations.

We have launched a new initiative where we will plant a tree for every new starter joining Pineapple. Through Ecologi, trees are purchased and planted globally, enhancing ecosystem functions, restoring landscapes, and supporting local communities.

View our Ecologi profile here

168 hours spent vounteering

Each year, we dedicate our time to address environmental concerns, contributing to positive changes within our local communities.

In 2023 we volunteered with the National Trust, contributing to the woodland management of the estate grounds. Our objective of the day was to enhance the habitat around a pond through the strategic coppicing of trees which increased natural light and promoted greater biodiversity.

Our impact

  • Coppicing promotes diverse understory vegetation, creating habitats for various plants, insects, birds, and mammals.
  • Increased sunlight from coppicing encourages a variety of sun-dependent plant species.
  • Varied microhabitats from coppicing enhance overall biodiversity and ecosystem resilience.
  • Coppiced areas attract diverse wildlife, benefiting from increased food sources and habitat complexity.

Earth day

At Pineapple, we prioritise raising environmental awareness through fun activities like Earth Day celebrations. These events unite us globally, encouraging understanding and action on sustainability issues through interactive activities. Through these initiatives, we not only celebrate our planet’s beauty but also inspire ongoing environmental stewardship among our team members.

During our Earth Day celebrations, we raise funds dedicated to environmental causes, supporting organisations like the Woodland Trust with the aim of enhancing our natural environment.

sustainability champions

At the heart of our sustainability efforts lies a dedicated team of sustainability champions who drive change and uphold our commitment to environmental responsibility. These champions play a pivotal role in ensuring that sustainability remains central to our operations. We host quarterly meetings where we explore innovative ways to enhance our practices and embed sustainability throughout our organisation.

Giving back to the community

over 400 Products donated

In our commitment to social responsibility and sustainability, we donate our products through partnerships to various charities to help make a positive impact in people’s lives.

In 2022 we donated over 400 products to charities including Barnardo’s and TCL ReUse.

We Support Mind

We are proud to be supporting Mind as our chosen charity.

Mind support people with mental health problems, to lead independent and fulfilling lives in the community. They also work hard to encourage people to talk about mental health to remove the stigma that currently surrounds the subject. Throughout the years the Pineapple team have raised money for Mind through various fundraising events.

In addition to our support for Mind, we also regularly donate to NSPCC, National Autistic Society, Little Hearts Matter and Shelter.

Our global network of offices and partners means we're on-hand to help, wherever help is needed.

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