Reducing the indignity of physical restraint – In the latest edition of Design in Mental Health’s Network magazine

We have recently unveiled two pieces of furniture (JAK de-escalation couch and Ellern Mede NG feeding couch) designed to make physical intervention practices safer and more dignified for patients as well as staff.

Identifying a lack of purpose-designed products, we worked closely with Andy Johnston -an experienced independent mental health consultant- to ensure every angle of the JAK de-escalation couch was carefully considered to enable respectful methods of restraint while providing invaluable support for staff.

Ellern Mede Specialist Eating Disorder Services were consulted during the design of a version of the couch aimed at making the challenging but sometimes unavoidable process of naso-gastric intubation safer and minimising the counter-therapeutic impact of the procedure.

Andy Johnston is a Clinical Director and independent mental health consultant with over 32 years of experience in mental health services including conflict resolution and physical intervention.

His team of mental health professionals collaborated in designing the couch and tested prototypes throughout the design process of the JAK de-escalation couch, using role-play scenarios to test the ergonomic design over extended periods of high-intensity restraint.

Ellern Mede Specialist Eating Disorder Services are widely regarded as the UK’s most specialist provider of intensive inpatient and outpatient treatment for children, adolescents and young adults. With their input, the Ellern Mede NG-feeding couch was developed to provide a safe and stable environment for patients undergoing naso-gastric intubation.

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