Dining tables & chairs

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  • Extra challenging dining tables

Ryno® tub chair

The Ryno tub chair is the latest addition to our award-winning Ryno range

Ryno-tub-blue-chair-strong-pineapple-contracts view product

Ryno® dining chair

Extremely strong and robust without compromising comfort and practicality.

ryno-Vegas-yellow--green-pineapple-contracts view product

Ryno® coffee table

The Ryno coffee tables perfectly compliment the Ryno lounge dining chairs to create a safe comfortable environment

Pineapple-ryno-coffee-table-lime-green view product

Ryno® dining tables

Dining and activity tables for indoor an outdoor use suitable for the most challenging environments

Pineapple-Ryno-activity-table-grey view product

Cumulus Plus dining tables

Dining tables with a solid steel base plate for safety and durability

Cumulus plus rectangular flat edged white-topped dining room table by Pineapple view product

Fusion chair

A strong weighted and upholstered chair ideal for challenging environments.

Fusion-chair-dining-seat-upholstered-pineapple-contracts-680 view product

Boss chair (upholstered seat)

A strong and robust chair with a comfortable upholstered seat cushion.

Boss-sidechair-paddedseat--pineapple-contracts view product

Boss chair (wooden seat)

A strong and robust chair available as a side chair or armchair, both suitable for dining.

Extra-challenging-boss-sidechair-woodenseat-cutout-pineapple-contracts view product

Xeon chair

A strong one-piece construction that is easy to clean and suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

Xeon-chair-white-pineapple-contracts-680 view product

Gant Extra dining set

Large, strong, floor fixed dining table and chairs

Gant-extra-dining-chair-680 view product

Gant dining sets

A strong floor fixed dining table and chairs

Gant Floor Fixed Table Chairs Dining Pineapple view product

Canterbury Plus dining tables

Extremely substantial table with wood effect laminate top

Canterbury-dining-table-pineapple-strong-reinforced-680-round view product

Bison dining tables

Heavyweight dining table, available with one or two pedestals

bison table - pedestal - wood - solid - dining table - pineapple - furniture - round - cut out view product

Opus dining set

Strong, floor fixed dining table and chairs suitable for challenging environments

Opus-fastfood-dining-table-chairs-floor-fixed-680 view product