Ryno® Pedestal Table

A strong interior construction which is built to withstand the rigours of daily life in a psychiatric ward or prison


  • Durable polyethylene construction provides excellent strength and cannot be weaponised unlike conventional tables
  • Water-resistant and UV stabilised material – ideal for outdoor use
  • Durable solid-grade laminate table top
  • Wheelchair accessible design
  • Anti-microbial material provides protection throughout the product
  • Strength and durability tested for severe contract use, including an additional 500kg static load test
Lifetime Guarantee
Weighted Options
Fire Retardant
100% LDPE
Floor Fastenable


  • Weighted option (120kg)
  • Anti-tamper floor fixable option available using Ryno’s innovative hidden anti-tamper design
  • Available in 1 core colour (Moonwalk Grey) and 9 other colours from our Ryno® palette
  • Non-core colours are available at additional cost and are subject to a minimum order quantity of 5
  • Ryno® Dining Chairs available to accompany the table

Core colours


Other colours


Icon Purple

Cool Green

Epic Blue

Vegas Yellow

Blaze Orange

Lime Green

Thunder Grey


strong interior construction

A unique corkscrew design creates a very strong connection between the table top and base, secured with anti-tamper fixings.

Suitable for indoor & outdoor use

The solid-grade laminate table top provides a durable, water-resistant surface making the table suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

secured with anti-tamper fixings

The table is available in 2 options – a heavily weighted option (120kg) which deter lifting, and a floor fixed option which, for added safety, makes the table totally immovable.


Ryno® Pedestal Table

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