Occasions of violence and aggression are not uncommon in psychiatric units as a result of patients being in acute behavioural distress. In these instances, there is a risk of harm to patients, staff and visitors. When considering the built environment, care should first be given to creating spaces which aim to reduce the occurrence of violent behaviour by preserving dignity and making patients feel they have an element of control over their environment.

Minimising risk of harm

Consideration should next be given to the safety of the environment in the event of a disturbance. One approach is to make furniture light and soft enough to minimise risk of harm. Product ranges like Contessa are made from soft foam (without any internal frame) which minimise the risk of injury.


Our Ryno ® range represents an alternative approach. These products are heavily weighted (Ryno chairs can weigh as much as a person) and shaped in a way which prevents them being picked up.

In high risk areas, or outdoor spaces where there is a risk of absconding, many of our products can be securely fixed to the floor to make them totally immovable.

One-piece Design

Furniture can pose a risk of being used as a weapon, either by being picked up and swung/thrown or by being broken into smaller parts (e.g. a chair leg) and being used as a striking weapon. Ryno’s one-piece, heavyweight design cannot be dissembled and weaponised.


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