Sigma Plus tub chairs – Express

Comfortable and compact design in a tub chair and 2-seater option. Items in our Express Delivery range are held in stock, available for delivery within 5 working days.


  • Wrap-around design of the seat back provides comfort and support
  • Zero depth seams to prevent concealment
  • Enclosed base with security fixings to prevent concealment
  • Compact footprint helps you make the most of your available space
  • Fixed seat cushion prevents misuse
  • Heavyweight to deter mishandling
  • Seat static weight tested to 200kg
  • UK Registered Design No. 6131314 / 6131315


  • Available in Plus levels of reinforcement
  • Upholstered in Aston Teal for quicker delivery

Finish options

Aston Teal

Narrow doorframes?

Please ensure you doorframes and access areas allow for easy delivery. Narrow doorframes may not be suitable, so please refer to our Sigma seating’s dimensions as outlined below.


Seat Height440mm

Sigma Plus tub chairs - Express

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