Zen Plus rocker

Provides a source of focus and a feeling of calm

Zen Plus Rocker chair for mental health environments


  • Fluid rocking motion provides a source of focus and calm
  • Smoothly reclined shape prevents pressure points and provides comfort
  • Designed with minimal upholstery gaps to prevent concealment
  • Plywood reinforcement for added durability
  • Security screws and inaccessible staples to prevent tampering
  • Seat static weight tested to 500kg
  • UK Registered Design No. 6131314


  • Other products are available in the Zen and Zen Plus ranges
  • Dual fabrics for added personalisation
  • Wide choice of water-resistant upholstery

Upholstery options

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Plywood reinforcement for added durability

The Zen Plus Rocker’s heavily weighted design makes it safe and stable, while internal reinforcement and a fully enclosed base prevents concealment and provides the strength and durability required for challenging environments.

Fluid rocking motion provides a source of focus and calm

For many of us, a gentle rocking motion can be a source of comfort. It’s especially true for those on the autism spectrum rocking back and forth can help to minimise the impact of outside stimuli, providing a source of focus, and in turn, a feeling of calm.


Zen Plus rocker

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