Ryno® bedroom range

  • Unlike conventional furniture, Ryno® products’ single piece construction cannot be dismantled and weaponised, and their resilient design distributes impact evenly throughout the product
  • Minimal concealment opportunities reduce risk to staff
  • The flame-retardant polymer used in Ryno products is compliant with UL94 HB and upholstered products are compliant with British Standard 5852:2006 ignition source 5
  • Ryno products are anti-bacterial (even beneath the surface) thanks to our unique polymer blend. Their totally water resistant nature means they can easily be wiped clean and dry quickly, ready to be used again.
  • Ryno products’ 10mm material wall thickness and resilient one-piece construction mean we are able to offer a lifetime guarantee against manufacturing faults
  • Choose from 3 stock colours (Purple, Granite, Moonwalk Grey)
  • Special colours available at additional cost
  • Products can be fixed to walls/floors with heavy duty anti-tamper fixings to create a safe, secure environment.


  • 100% low density polyethylene

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Bed (1RYB-FF-00)

480H | 2100L | 1010W (mm) - Weight: 90kg

Bed with storage (1RYBS-FF-00)

480H | 2100L | 1010W (mm) - Weight: 90kg

Open desk (1RYOD-00)

735H | 698W | 507D (mm) - Weight: 20kg

Open chest with 3 compartments (1RYOC-003)

735H | 698W | 507D (mm) - Weight: 24kg

Open bedside with 2 compartments (1RYOBS-002)

595H | 400W | 350D (mm) - Weight: 15kg

Open wall shelf with 3 compartments (1RYOWS-003)

1200H | 699W | 313D (mm) - Weight: 20kg

Ryno bed infill (right side) (1RYBI-RH-001)

Ryno bed infill (left side) (1RYBI-LH-001)

Scorpio 5" thick anti-vandal mattress for Ryno bed (1SOM3-001-5)

125H | 2000L | 915W (mm)